Valve Repair

Certificates and Memberships

* EPRI” Cobalt Reduction & Valve Guide Lines
* NACE Committee
* PP-Power Piping
* VRC Shop & Field Repairs
“Safety Related Program”
* Authorized Service Center For:
VELAN Valves Level I Service Center

Valve Service And Repair

Control Valves
Manual Valves
Gate, Globe And Check Valves
Automated Valve Repairs
Off Site Or In Line Services
Solutions For Problem Valves

Cracked stellite guides and seat

Stellite guide ribs and seat were found to be cracked and separating from the base metal on a 24: Rockwell Edwards Valve

Welding stellite 21 on guide ribs

Once we machined the existing stellite, we set up the welding machine to apply the new stellite overlay.

Seat is indicated for final machine cut.
Welded governor valve seat in Westinghouse steam chest

In-Line Condenser Valve Repair

Butterfly valves

  • Removed from condenser
  • Then disassembled
  • Cleaned
  • Installed new liners
  • Manufactured new shafts and tapered pins
  • Reassembled
  • And the reinstalled in the condenser.

Seat With Stellite Overlay

Stellite Overlay On Seat Ring

We have the ability to manufacture any OEM's seat rings.

In-Line Gate Valve Seat Replacement

View the flash animated demonstration

-Repair Process Allows Installation Of New Seats Instead Of Just Sanded Or Lapped Seats
-CFM/VR-TESCO LLC. Special Process For Seat Removal And Welding (6” Gate Valve And Larger)
-Cost Effective Repair

Automated Seal Seat Weld

In-Line Check Valve Repair

We also have the ability to replace seat rings in check valves.

Nuclear Qualified

We Understand The Special Requirements Of The Nuclear Industry And Have Over 35 Years Experience In This Industry

Mock-up training

This was a personnel performance training at the customer's facility.

This was done to reduce exposure of radiation to the crew once they entered the radioactive area.

Safety always comes first.