On-Site Turbine Repair

Portable Lathes

We can machine your turbine rotor at your facility for quicker turnaround and better control of components.

Machining Diaphragm Fits

Boring bar is set up without installing the top shell. We machined all diaphragm fits on both the top and bottom halves.

Specialty Boring

Boring 28 Inch (70 cm) Hole 38 Feet (12 Meters) Long

Holding a tolerance of
0.003 inches (0.08 mm)

Nozzle Machining

Typical nozzle block with tolerances held to 0.0005 Inches (0.014 mm)

Machining Turbine Split Line

We machined the complete split line on upper and lower halves. We then remachined all fits inside the shell to the correct OEM tolerances.

Machining Lube Oil Pump

We machined all fits for wear rings. This was also completed by machining both the top and bottom separately.

Repair Of Turbine Valves

410 Overlay On Governor Valve Seats / Westinghouse steam chest

Blue Checked Between Disk And Seat for 100% Contact

This was then machined to the proper radius, lapped and blue checked between the disc and sent for 100% contact.

Inlet Sleeve Replacement

We set up to machine to remove old inlet sleeve, installed and located new sleeve and welded out completely. We also performed the preheat and postweld for the project.