Steel Mills Machining

Machining Operations

View of milling operations in mill window. One set up for both surfaces assures: parallelism to the OEM tolerances.

Mill window-sill machining in process. Set up straddles operator-Drive side sill for optimism performance.

Optical alignment of machinery to mill stands Center line and parallel from one mill-stand to the other.

Drilling and tapping of many holes per mill stand using templates to assure accuracy of the hole location for the new liners.

Four pinion stands needed to be line bored, half sleeves and new H-blocks where provided by us prior to the outage.

Machining/Welding Operations

Forging hammer anvil machining

Simultaneous milling operations.

NDE inspection after milling was completed on an 80" hot strip mill (May West Area)

Welding, stress relieving and line boring the main gear bearing boxes on an 80" hot strip mill

Sole plate machining to .002" flat and level
Welding, stress relieving and line boring of nine sets of table roll bearing pockets in seven days
Automated welding, stress relieving and machining of bores
Weld repairs, stress relieving and machining on a drive shaft and keyway to original size
Crop shear seat machining
Tapered shaft machining after weld build-up