Pump Installation and repair

Pump Installation

We install all pump types, vertical and horizontal pumps installed as a turnkey project. We have teamed with Sulzer Pumps an Pro Pump Services.

Boiler Water Feed Pump Installation

In addition to pump installations and maintenance services, we provide Pro Pump Services and Sulzer pumps. Do rerates, vibration analysis, volute machining and parts manufacturing.

Pump Disassembly

Our repair teams are available 24/7 to meet all your nees for services such as volute exchange and barrel mapping. By teaming with Sulzer Pumps an Pro Pump Services we have all the supporting engineering services.

Barrel Mapping And Repairs

Barrel inspection to log as found and define repairs. Once the pump has been disassembled, the bar is installed to perform an as found inspection.

BFP Pump Nozzle Replacement

Nozzles replaced meeting OEM design to “R” stamp equivalent quality requirements

Vertical Circulator Repair

Machining pump base 20 feet (7 meters) diameter

BWCP Repairs

Stud Thread Welding Body Repairs Flange Facing

Pump Machining and Welding

Machining fit areas in a boiler feed pump

Welding fit and gasket faces on boiler feed pump.

Washed out seal face on boiler feed pump.

These are a few boiler feed pump faces we discovered. We will set the bar up and machine the same amount off each face to maintain the proper fit.