WDI - Welding Dynamics International

ASME And Code Welding

-ASME Section III And IX Qualified Welders
-Semi Automatic GTAW, MIG, FCAW Processes
-Stainless Steel And Stellite Overlay Welding
-Remote Welding Machine
-PP & R-Stamps
-UA Fabrication Label For Off Site Fabrication

-10CFR 50 Appendix B

In-Shop Fabrication

CFM/VR-TESCO LLC. is a recognized UA fabrication shop

Pipe Machining And Welding

End preparation for standard weld joints, open butt, with consumable inset and backing rings.

Post weld heat treatment capabilities up to 2000° F for all types of materials (from P-1 to Hastalloy)

In-Field Pipe Replacement

Turnkey project included prefabrication and installation of 5000 feet (1800 meters) of stainless steel pipe. The complete project took 28 days and included removal of the old carbon steel piping, pinning hanger cans, scaffolding over 2000 welds.

Performed in a nuclear facility

ASME Vessel And Automatic Welding

ASME vessel and automatic welding

Header cap replacement

Orbital Automatic GTAW (TIG)

We have a complete inventory of power sources, tracks and common weld hands as well as custom built heads.

ASME And Code Specialty Welding

Stellite Overlay Valve Wedge

GMAW process to deposit a stellite hard face overlay on a large wedge.


Pipe Weld Overlay

We performed a complete weld build-up on this bearing journal surface and then machined it to the proper dimensions.

Welding In Difficult Areas

We machined to remove all existing threads in the bolt holes. then welded the holes, bored and remachined the proper threads to restore the pump to its original.

Welding Bowl on BWCP Fits

Boiler water cert pump bowl welding. We machined all indicators from the inside and then completely welded the inside f the bowl. After the welding was completed we remachined it to the proper dimensions.


Cladding Of Vessels And Pipes

We use this process in digesters in paper mills as well as nuclear facilities.


Flow Accelerated Corrosion cross over and cross under piping in nuclear facilities

Cross over and cross under cladding

ASME Code Welding/Automated Welding

Welding boiler feed pump fit and seal areas

Using our GTAW machine operating setup, we have done over 300 barrels within North America

Welding stainless steel pipe/Automated

Welding on a cap on a pressure vessel.

BWCP bolt hole restoration

After we welded all of the bolt holes, we installed a template manufactured to get the proper hole location.