On-Site Field Machining

Our list of services starts with on-site field machining. Click through the menu on the left for more information on all our services.

We Take On The Tough Jobs

20 Foot (6 Meter) long machining feed table lifted through a standard doorway 60 feet (20 meters) high to machine a 20 foot long roll in a paper mill.

Portable Lathes And Boring Bars

Boring a stationary diaphram fits in a H.P. turbine shell.

Over bored a turbine jacking shaft scope included overbore of the entire length and machining all fits and faces.

Line Boring

No Job Is Too Small Or Large.

Machining of a hydro jack shaft. We machined thrust faces and all fits to include bearing journals.

6" boring bar indicated to inspect all fits and faces. When this inspection is completed we document all findings.

*We are teamed with Sulzer Pumps and Propump Services for all of our pump services.

Flange Machining

Flange machining with and facing without studs removed.

Machining of boiler water cert pump gasket face to re-establish the correct connection between top flange and pump casing. We also machine tip cover.

Flange Facing

96" diameter flange in a vertical position. We machine (4) four of these in (2) two days.

Stud Removal & Threading

Vertical, horizontal or in tight spots. studs are indicated in for accuracy, drilled, and bored to remove the stud.

We can also rethread to oversize the bolt hole.

Fan Shaft And Journal Machining

Repairs done without disassembly or rotating shaft. Journals can be welded and machined to establish as new dimensions

Machining of journal areas on a hydro shaft.

Exchanger Machining

Refacing of shell flange channel head flange tube sheet, front and back side channel head partition plates tube sheet preparation tube facing and weld removal.


Machining the complete face on a boiler feed pump barrel.

Hydro Draft Tube Repairs

30 Foot (10 Meter) diameter draft tube welded and machined (2500 lbs of weld deposited in 7 days.)